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What Is Your Genetic Risk? No more guessing.


Genetic Analysis to customize nutrients to improve disease & optimize health

Gene SNP

Obtains genetic sample through a cheek swab administered by your Health Care Professional

Evaluates 48 genes and 61 SNPs spanning several different areas of health

Evaluates diet, lifestyle, exercise, cardiovascular and mental emotional markers of health.

Delivers a comprehensive Weight & Wellness Report with concrete suggestions from your health practitioner for maintaining your optimal health potential.

Based on a careful analysis of your genetics, diet and lifestyle your health practitioner will recommend the best products & services to meet your health goals.

While your DNA does not change, your lifestyle does, and our program is designed to help you maximize your health potential.


Many other companies obtain the sample through saliva rather than a buccal swab like Gene SNP DNA Analysis.

Buccal Swabs are considered the preferred way to ensure adequate samples and the Gene SNP patented swab holder ensures the protection of the sample.

Often competitors evaluate fewer SNPs (often 12-20) and only one or two different health areas or offers insight into non-health related variations like curly hair and eye color.

You would have to purchase several different kits in order to get the comprehensive analysis provided by Gene SNP.

In addition, Gene SNP DNA Analysis supports your health practitioner with tools to interpret your results. Some competitors leave it up to you to do the research!

Most other genetic analyses do not offer supplements and only Gene SNP offers Isotonix® products carefully selected by your healthcare provider who knows more about your unique needs and goals.

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