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  Food is Medicine

We Teach You How To Eat According To Your Goals

Customized Weight Loss Physician Supervised, Science-Based Programs




Personal Weight Loss Journal  100+ Pages

➢ Features testimonials from real people who have

achieved success with our program

➢ Helps keep you inspired with motivational quotes

➢ Includes stress and relaxation techniques to ease


➢ Provides valuable tips to keep you on track 

Nutrition & Weight Loss Journal

Get a copy to start your Journaling Journey, or purchase directly on the Webstore Page. 

Personal Weight Loss Journal   100+ Pages

➢ Comprehensive guide on how to follow 

Weight Loss Solution

➢ Explains what Lifestyle Management is, and how it works

➢ Helps you to identify the root of your weight loss


➢ Includes 1 day of sample meals for each

Menu Plan

➢ Features weekly weigh-ins and quarterly

measurements to track your success

➢ Offers 12 weeks of journaling to record your

weight loss journey

➢ Contains goal setting sections in each chapter

➢ Includes a Dining Out Guide



                                           Get a Personalized Approach to Your Unique Health Potential

Built by physicians for you — a personalized nutrition, exercise and nutraceutical questionnaire written with you in mind. It gives you the blueprint to follow to discover what supplements, meal plans and stress and sleep protocols are going to work best for your lifestyle. Nutri-Physical combines your lifestyle, health goals and even your sleep habits to give you a comprehensive and thoughtful look into your personal health obstacles and successes. In addition, you can customize your program as little or as much as you want by taking all or one of the personalized quizzes. While the competition is making one-size-fits-all recommendations, Nutri-Physical is listening and catering to you!

Schedule an appointment to undergo a 

Comprehensive Wellness Nutri-Physical

Detox plans are provided with wellness consultations


1. Boosts your energy.     2. Rids the body of any excess waste.

3. Helps with weight loss.     4. Stronger immune system.

5. Improved skin.   6. Better breath.   7. Promotes healthy changes.

8. Clearer thinking.    9. Healthier hair.

10. Lighter feeling.   11. Anti-aging benefits.   12. Stabilize blood glucose levels

13. Improved sense of well-being.

Conditions that can benefit from detoxing: Diabetes* Hypertension* Auto-Immune Diseases* Inflammatory Diseases* Pain Syndromes* IBS* Allergies* Obesity


Workout Plans are available with 

Weight Management Plans 

We will customise an exercise plan to meet your needs and commitment level. Always consult your private physician before starting any exercise plan.

Meal plans are customised according to your commitment level, medical history, health and weight loss goals.

We can provide weekly stretch and exercise plans with weight management or wellness consultations

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